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X Gala TOP100

TOP100 Trophies are the recognition of the annual performance of aftermarket distributors and workshops in Portugal. To elect companies to the Honor Roll, the TOP100 Magazine through Company IF4, uses a set of economic-financial indicators and ratios. These ratios make it possible to create a portrait of the main companies and sectors of activity. The company selection criteria are based on exclusively quantitative data referring to the information published in the IES for the year prior to the publication date, which the companies submit to the AT – Tax Authority.


To award these Trophies, AP Comunicação organizes the TOP100 Gala. Why participate in this event? Because it adds value to your company's image, it increases the visibility of Distributors and award-winning Workshops, sponsors and participants.​ With the completion of the Gala TOP100, we not only want to reward aftermarket companies, but also create a social, networking and relationship moment between entrepreneurs in the sector in Portugal.



The biggest event in the portuguese Aftermarket

How to participate
at the TOP100 Gala?

Participation in the Gala TOP100 it's by private invitation. There are three ways to participate:


  • Sponsor the TOP100 Gala

  • Insert advertising in TOP100 Distribuidores or TOP100 Oficinas Magazine

  • Be nominated to receive a TOP100 Trophy in the TOP100 Magazine Honor Roll categories.

X Gala TOP100

18 October 2024

Casino Figueira da Foz (Portugal)


Gala Sponsor

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Email and image signatures TOP100 companies


“Sponsoring the TOP100 Gala is something special. It is the gateway to distribution in Portugal" 


"We were the first and sponsored the TOP100 Gala for the 9th consecutive year"

Bilstein Group

“We were very surprised by the quality of the event.
The atmosphere is fantastic.”
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