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Melhor Mecatrónico

The VI edition of the Best Mechatronic organized by Jornal das Oficinas will start in 2024 with CEPRA as the new partner. The Competition Final will be at the expoMECÂNICA Fair in November 2024. If you are a Mechatronic, participating in this Competition is sending the message of the importance of this profession for the future of workshops. The Best Mechatronics Competition will provide competitors with an experience of personal development and application of knowledge in a unique competition in Portugal. It adds value to the CV and increases the visibility of competitors and sponsoring or partner companies.


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The biggest event for Auto Mechatronics

VI Edição 2024

Final da Competição
expoMECÂNICA 2024

An initiative by Jornal das Oficinas in partnership with CEPRA and support from expoMECÂNICA


The Best Mechatronics Competition 2024, celebrates the VI edition that will be marked in the best way, with the Grand Final in November 2024, at Exponor, during the expoMECÂNICA Fair.


Held for the first time in 2016, the Best Mechatronics Competition has been growing in the number of participants and sponsors, thus proving the interest of this unique initiative in the national aftermarket panorama. Over the years the Competition has evolved, and what until then had been an initiative organized by Jornal das Oficinas in partnership with ATEC, has become a sector-wide initiative in its own right.


In 2024 we will have a new partner, CEPRA.


Among specialists in mechanics and electronics, many active professionals have already competed for this initiative. It is also worth highlighting the sponsors who joined Best Mechatronics from the very beginning.


The Grand Final, which will take place in the expoMECÂNICA Hall in 2024, will provide a unique experience for all visitors, who will be able to see live the performance of the finalists in the various competitions in which they participate.


The Best Mechatronics is certainly the most demanding Competition held to date in our country, as witnessed by some mechanics who participated in other important competitions. Another major objective of this Competition is to spread the message of the importance of this profession for the future of repair workshops, because it is an essential activity in modern workshops, it brings added value and increases the profitability of the business.


In addition to the prizes that the finalists will receive, their personal appreciation and public recognition are immediate gains that everyone who participates in this competition can have.


in the ative

Registration in the Best Mechatronic Competition is free. All active mechatronics professionals can participate. Registration begins in 2024. Stay tuned!



2024 rules available soon.

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Previous editions


Bruno Teixeira was the winner of Best Mechatronics 2023

Auto Delta

“The Best Mechatronics Awards rewards the best professionals. The Competition has evolved a lot from year to year"


"Supporting this initiative is extremely important for our brand"


“We really like the format in which this competition is organized. It’s the way to give visibility to the brand”
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