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Melhor Mecatrónico

Why participate in the Best Mechatronics Competition?


Because by participating in the Best Mechatronic Competition you are transmitting the message of the importance of this profession for the future of workshops. The Best Mechatronic Competition will provide an experience of personal development and application of knowledge in a unique competition in Portugal. It adds value to your personal CV and increases the visibility of competitors and sponsoring or partner companies.







Rules Best Mechatronic

VI Edition 2024

Final Competition
expoMECÂNICA 2024

The Best Mechatronics Competition 2024 is organized by Jornal das Oficinas, in partnership with CEPRA and support from Expomecânica.



All Mechatronics in the automotive after-sales sector in the national territory, who practice the profession and who are active, can participate in the Best Mechatronics 2024 Competition, limited to 300 participants.



Pre-registration: between January and june 2024

Online simulation platform presentation webinar: June 2024

Finalist selection tests: June 2024.

Briefing to the eight finalists: September 2024

Competition Final (Expomecânica): November 8th to 10th, 2024



1st Phase: Pre-registration

During this period, pre-registration is carried out by filling out an online questionnaire. Pre-registration generates a list of candidates, sequentially by date and time of registration, with the first 300 being effective competitors. The remaining candidates will be substitutes, and will only participate in the competition if effective competitors withdraw.


2nd Phase: Webinar to present the online simulation platform


Pre-registered candidates will be invited to participate in an online webinar, promoted during a CEPRA training session, after work hours. The online simulation platform will be presented in the webinar, where tests will be carried out to find the eight candidates who will be in the Competition Final. The webinar will be recorded and subsequently released for consultation.


3rd Phase: Finalist selection tests

Effective competitors will take two tests, on the online simulation platform. The eight best classified, who show availability, move on to the next stages of the competition.


4th Phase: Briefing for the eight finalists

The eight finalists will be present at a briefing, organized by Jornal das Oficinas, where they will be informed of all aspects relevant to their preparation and presence at the Competition Final.


5th Phase: Competition Final (Expomecânica – November 8th to 10th, 2024)

The Final of the Best Mechatronics Competition takes place during the three days of the Expomecânica event, which takes place from November 8th to 10th, 2024, at Exponor, in Porto. Over the three days, competitors will have to develop several tests, the nature of which will be announced in due time. Competitors will have available all the equipment, tools and consumables necessary to carry out the tests, as well as technical information. Competitors are responsible for bringing their PPE, the absence of which may make participation in the competitions unfeasible.

The evidence is evaluated by a jury constituted by CEPRA.



The tests, prepared by CEPRA, are designed to measure practical and theoretical skills. The evaluation is objective based on the individual performance of each competitor throughout the set of tests applied. The evaluation of the finalist selection tests, by the Jury to be constituted by CEPRA, is obtained using the arithmetic average, and, in the event of a tie, those competitors who complete the tests in the shortest time and with the lowest cost of repair are privileged. In the final test, in the middle of Expomecânica, the evaluation is objective and will be based on performance in the practical tests, that is, the final evaluation of the practical tests is obtained through the sum of the partial results obtained during the tests carried out. The decisions of the Evaluation Jury, in all tests, are unappealable and aim to determine the final classification.



The Competition will be published in the printed Jornal das Oficinas and respective online platforms (website, newsletter, JO TV, social networks). Specific content will be published throughout the year on the profession of Automotive Mechatronics. In addition to technical information related to the different areas covered by the profession, there will be testimonies from the winners of previous editions of the competition and other active professionals, with experience in the areas of automotive diagnosis, maintenance and repair. The final competition report, with interviews with the winners, jury and sponsors, will be published in Jornal das Oficinas.



Participation in the Best Mechatronics Competition 2024 is free, but transport to the Competition site is the responsibility of each finalist. Equipment and access needs up to the 3rd phase are the exclusive responsibility of the competitors, and their lack/failure cannot be invoked to justify any action, namely the repetition of tests. During the final phase of the competition, the use of advertising by competitors, particularly on PPE, is subject to authorization.


 in active

Registration in the Best Mechatronic Competition is free. All active mechatronics professionals can participate. Registration begins in 2024. Stay tuned!

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Previous editions


Bruno Teixeira

was the winner

of Best Mechatronics


Auto Delta

“The Best Mechatronic rewards the best professionals. The Competition has evolved a lot from year to year"


"Supporting this initiative is extremely important for our brand"


“We really like the format in which this competition is organized. It’s the way to give visibility to the brand”
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