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Sustainability (ESG)

There can be no doubt that sustainability is one of the most pressing issues facing aftermarket companies today. Sustainability is shaping the way the industry is changing, and will continue to do so in the future. To fully understand its meaning, Jornal das Oficinas will launch the “Sustainability (ESG) in the Aftermarket” Campaign in 2024 with the aim of informing managers and professionals about the importance of incorporating ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) initiatives into the strategy from the company.

Today, sustainability has a firm place on the business strategy agenda, very focused on product life cycles, CO2 emissions and the circular economy. Growing concerns about sustainability issues are also having an impact on financial markets, with investors increasingly valuing companies that perform well in terms of sustainability. It is also changing the minds of companies that previously considered sustainability too expensive.

Companies across industries have raised their sustainability aspirations and begun announcing measurable goals. Commitments to have a negative or neutral CO2 impact and targets for the share of recycled materials used are no longer uncommon. Companies have good reasons to raise the bar: Customers increasingly view sustainability as a fundamental purchasing criterion. In simple terms, they are willing to pay the true cost of products and services.

ESG, a new business paradigm


ESG is the acronym that represents the three essential pillars of corporate sustainability:


  1. Environmental (E - Environmental): Refers to practices and policies related to the environment.

  2. Social (S - Social): Concerns the social practices and relationships of companies with their employees, suppliers, customers, communities and other interested parties.

  3. Governance (G - Governance): Refers to the company's corporate governance structure and practices.


The concept of ESG has become increasingly relevant in the world of business and investments, as investors are looking for companies that take these aspects into account in their operations. Companies that prioritize sustainable practices and take a responsible approach to ESG factors are often considered more attractive by conscious investors and can have better long-term financial performance. Furthermore, ESG is also linked to corporate responsibility and the contribution to solving global challenges related to the environment and society.

Annual Campaign 2024

Target Audience

Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers of light and heavy parts, Refinishing, Lubricants, Tires and Equipment, Distribution Groups, Independent Workshops, Dealers and Networks of light and heavy mechanic workshops, collision, tires, glass.

Why Sponsorize?


of sustainability

Sustainability is essential for the aftermarket sector, as it helps reduce environmental impact, generates economic benefits, responds to customer expectations and creates a more resilient and balanced future. It is therefore important to show the market how your company values and attaches importance to sustainability.

What is the return?


of the campaign

Sponsoring the “Sustainability (ESG) in the Aftermarket” Campaign means following the trends of this new paradigm that will change the way companies operate, both internally and externally. The brands and companies associated with this Campaign convey an image of confidence in the future of the aftermarket. In this way, you increase your notoriety among your target audience.

The publication of the “Sustainability (ESG) in the Aftermarket” Campaign in paper and digital format allows for a great reach. There are 10,000 printed copies of the Jornal das Oficinas and 77,000 monthly views of the website, in addition to 23,500 e-news dedicated to the various topics covered. Podcasts will also be held with those responsible for the sponsoring companies, with the aim of conveying their vision on sustainability (ESG) and the importance it has for their organizations.

Print editions


Edition 213 (December/January 2024)

Edition 214 (February/March 2024)

Issue 215 (April/May 2024)

Issue 216 (June/July 2024)

Issue 217 (August/September 2024)

Issue 218 (October/November 2024)

Size: 220X300mm + 3mm bleed
Circulation per edition: 10,000
Audience per edition: 60,000 readers monthly

Digital audience: 77,000 readers monthly

Circulation in salons: 15,000

Advertising format: PDF, EPS,TIF or JPEG (curves)

Image resolution: 300 DPI
Color range: CMYK
Specific location: +25% of the value

Commercial contact:

Annual Campaign 2024


of Sponsorship

3000 euros

Annual Plan 2024

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