Jornal das Oficinas is an independent publication dedicated to the maintenance and repair of light and heavy duty vehicles, whose main objective is to assure the reader the right to be informed with truth, rigor and exemption on all subjects related to the aftermarket. It is based on an editorial line that focuses on technical information and diverse topics of real interest for the automotive aftermarket, always with a view to constant monitoring and dissemination of best practices in the sector.

Target audience: Manufacturers, importers and parts retailers, refinishing, lubricants and equipment. Independent auto workshops, bodywork, glass and painting. OEM dealers and workshops, tires specialists and auto centers.


Format: 235 x 300 mm

Printing Method: 4 colours Offset

Printing edition average: 10,000 copies monthly. Publication audited by APCT

Digital edition: 77.000 views

Special printing edition average: 15.000 copies - (April) expoMECÂNICA Fair & (November) mecânica fair

JO newspaper market displays: 361 (part retailers)

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