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Leading Aftermarket communication in Portugal for 25 years

Jornal das Oficinas


Jornal das Oficinas

Jornal das Oficinas is the oldest publication in the aftermarket sector in Portugal. It publishes six editions per year and has a circulation of 10,000 copies per edition. It's the leading publication in the sector in our country. 

Bimonthly Edition


Jornal das Oficinas website

website It was the first news site 100% dedicated to the aftermarket that appeared on the national market. It has been in existence for 15 years and is the most visited website by professionals in the sector.

20,000 page views per month


Jornal das Oficinas

Jornal das Oficinas newsletter is the sector's "newsletter". Sent to the market once a week, it publishes the most exclusive and important information about what is happening nationally and internationally.

Sent to 23,500 emails

 TOP100 Magazine


Distribuidores Magazine

Published by AP Com, TOP100 Magazine is a special edition of Jornal das Oficinas. Publishes the ranking of the Biggest Aftermarket Distributors in Portugal.

Annual edition


Oficinas Magazine

Published by AP Com, TOP100 Magazine is a special edition of Jornal das Oficinas. Publishes the ranking of the Biggest Aftermarket Workshops in Portugal.

Annual Edition


Gala TOP100
X Edition

Organized by AP Com, the TOP100 Gala is an event that awards Trophies for the Honor Roll of the TOP100 Magazines Distributors and Workshops.

Annual Edition

Revista dos Pneus


Revista dos Pneus

Revista dos Pneus from 2024 it will be an integral part of Jornal das Oficinas. With the Aftermarket market evolving, tires and parts come together to meet the challenges of the future together.

Bimonthly Edition


Revista dos Pneus

The Revista dos Pneus Yearbook is AP Com's new project for 2024. With this publication we intend to bring more information about tires, particularly in terms of statistics and sector data

Annual edition


Revista dos Pneus website

website It was the first news site 100% dedicated to tires and quick services that appeared on the national market 15 years ago. It continues to be one of the most visited sites by professionals in the sector 

15,000 page views per month

Events for the Aftermarket


Melhor Mecatronico
VI Edition

The Competition Best Mechatronic of the Year it will start in 2024 with CEPRA as the new partner. The Competition Final will be at the expoMECÂNICA hall in November 2024

Annual edition


Challenge Oficinas
VII edition

The Competition Challenge Workshops A new dynamic begins in 2024, continuing to target workshops that are part of Automotive Workshop Networks  in Portugal.

Annual edition


Aftermarket Summit
Edition 2025

The event Aftermarket Summit takes place in 2025, in a partnership that will be revealed soon and which will feature a new dynamic in the Aftermarket. Stay tuned for our information.

Annual edition


The future of communication lies in digital transformation. Consumers naturally change their consumption behavior when they interact with these innovations. Companies that realize and understand this faster tend to be leaders in this competitive process.

The challenges for companies to keep up with all this evolution are immense. Consumers naturally follow market trends and seek to connect in the format they believe to be most convenient. AP Com is on the path to giving this option to its readers.


Annual Plan

December / January

Jornal das Oficinas 214 (printed)

Planning Calendar 2024 (insert in JO)

Printing date: January

February / March

Jornal das Oficinas 215 (printed)

Printing date: March

April / May

Jornal das Oficinas 216 (printed)

Printing date: May


Challenge Workshops Competition (event)


Revista dos Pneus Yearbook (printed)

Printing date: June

June / July

Jornal das Oficinas 217 (printed)

Printing date: July

August / September

Jornal das Oficinas 218 (printed)

Printing date: September


X Gala TOP100 (event)

October / November

Jornal das Oficinas 219 (printed)

Printing date: November


TOP 100 Distributors Magazine (printed)

Printing date: November


Best Mechatronic (event)

expoMECÂNICA - Porto


TOP 100 Workshops Magazine (printed)

Printing date: December

December /January 2025

Jornal das Oficinas 220 (printed)

Planning Calendar 2025 (insert in JO)

Printing date: January

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“AP Comunicação is an essential part of the aftermarket in Portugal”
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