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Challenge Oficinas

The VII Edition of Challenge Oficinas is a challenge for workshops to participate in a competition, the objective of which, in addition to winning, is also to be able to share knowledge. It consists of a self-evaluation process, at the same time as a playful competition for workshops that are part of a workshop network. The Workshops Challenge adds value to the image and increases the visibility of the finalist workshops, Official Networks, sponsoring and partner companies.






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the ten finalist workshops

The biggest event for Auto workshops

VII Edition 2024

Competition Final

May 2024

​​The Challenge Oficinas is an event organized by Newspaper of the Workshops, in partnership with T Academy and support from Pro4matic Car Service eTips4y


In 2024 the Competition will again be dedicated toworkshop networks, a rapidly growing concept. Technical training is a pillar of workshop networks due to the fact that we are facing an unprecedented cycle of evolution when it comes to automotive technology.


It is within this framework that the “Challenge Oficinas” Competition will take place. The best teams from each network will be present at the Grand Final in 2024, at a location to be announced


We are thus once again challenging the best workshops in Portugal to participate in a competition, whose objective, in addition to winning, is also to be able to share knowledge and experiences with other workshops, gain new skills and a different strategic vision on the workshop management models that currently exist. in the market. It is a competition that will allow each workshop to become aware of what it is worth in terms of human resources and as an organization. Basically, it consists of a self-evaluation process, at the same time as a playful competition.

Easy to participate


To participate in this competition, network workshops simply have to answer the questionnaire that we publish online on the event website at and qualify to be one of the workshops selected for the grand final.

Participation Diplomas will be offered to all participating teams, and trophies to the first placed teams. The sponsoring brands of Challenge Oficinas will also offer prizes to all participants.


If it is a network workshop, organized, well equipped, with competent and up-to-date human resources, take advantage of this opportunity to participate in a unique and challenging event, where only the best can reach the final.



in network

Registration for the Challenge Oficinas Competition is free. The competition it is open to all network workshops in mainland Portugal and the islands. Registration begins in 2024. Stay tuned!

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Previous editions


Easy Stop

“This Competition serves to dignify the work that is done in the workshops."

Yuasa Battery

"Challenge Oficinas achieves its objectives for both participants and sponsors."

Bolas equipamentos

“The Oficinas Challenge forces workshops to be better and better”
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